Northern Ireland Charities Together call on people to ‘share the love’ this upcoming Payroll Giving Month

A group of six local charities is calling on people in Northern Ireland to ‘share the love’ this February and consider setting up a regular donation through their salary, as they mark the beginning of Payroll Giving Month.

Northern Ireland Charities Together (NICT), encompassing Age NI, Cancer Focus Northern Ireland, ChildLine/NSPCC Northern Ireland, Young Lives VS Cancer Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke and RNIB Northern Ireland, was set up in 2007 to help raise money for vital local services across the country.

Northern Ireland Charities Together (or NICT) is asking people to consider giving a monthly donation through their payroll giving. All donations will be spent locally in Northern Ireland and One donation will support all six charities, which cover a wide range of life-changing areas; protecting children, supporting people with sight loss, empowering older people, supporting people with chest, heart and stroke conditions, as well as children and adults with cancer.

NICT chairperson, Hazel Stirling, said: “Each of the six charities that make up NICT carry out hugely important work throughout communities in Northern Ireland, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to support them. Supporting NICT is a such a unique way to help local charities, and really is very simple and click sign up.

“By giving a regular payroll gift, you will ensure each of the NICT charities can continue to make a big difference to the lives of thousands of individuals and their families across Northern Ireland. The range of services each charity provides helps families cope with the difficult challenges they face on a daily basis.”

The NICT website is launching on Wednesday 1st February 2023. You can find out more on how to support and sign up at our website

Payroll Giving is deducted from your pay before tax, so the gift is tax-free to the supporter, i.e., £10 will only cost £8 if you are a standard rate tax payer.

All donations are spent locally in Northern Ireland.