140 drivers issued with fixed penalty notices

140 drivers issued with fixed penalty notices

Police say that 140 drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices over the bank holiday weekend.  

A PSNI spokesperson said "By way of update on the police operation, over Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, there were five arrests for public order offences including for disorderly behaviour, common assault and assault on police.

"Meanwhile, in conjunction with Driving & Vehicle Agency (DVA), a vehicle safety operation was launched. To date, 34 vehicles were examined with 20 of these vehicles issued with an immediate prohibition. This means that the vehicle was not roadworthy and not permitted to continue on the road.

"The drivers of over 140 vehicles were issued with fixed penalty notices for a range of motoring offences including excess speed, mobile phone and anti-social driving."

Inspector O’Brien said: “As always we are grateful for the support of residents, businesses and visitors during these peak times for our area. We are very much part of the community here on the North Coast and it is in all our interests to ensure that our towns are safe and vibrant areas for people to live, work and visit.”

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