Air Ambulance volunteers celebrate 500 hours this year

Air Ambulance volunteers celebrate 500 hours this year

At the start of Volunteer Week 2022 Air Ambulance is celebrating the contribution volunteers make to their work.

As a local charity that needs to raise £5,500 every day, Air Ambulance NI relies heavily on a mighty group of 140 volunteers from all across Northern Ireland.  To date this year, they have collectively contributed over 500 hours of volunteering at key events, bucket collections, providing talks and presentations and managing collection boxes across the region.

Janice Crowe is the Volunteer Co-ordinator at the charity and said, “Our volunteers help with key fundraising activity in a variety of ways.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and ages with varying interests but are all passionate about helping to play their part in ensuring this service is there to help save lives, brains and limbs.”

Janice continued, “We have a number of key events and collection opportunities coming up over the summer that it would be super to have more hands on deck.  These include the Armagh Show, Omagh Show, Tesco Collections, and SuperCar Sunday event. We would encourage anyone who would like to help out to call us.   We are humbled every day by the hours and commitment that our volunteers bring – we literally couldn’t fly without them!”

Anyone who is able to help as a volunteer can find out more at or call the charity office on 028 9262 2677.

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