Airshow set for new location?

Airshow set for new location?

An internal working group has been setup within Council to develop a new International Causeway Airshow.   Causeway Coast Community understands the group consists of approx. six Councillors and officers.  

Earlier this year Councillors voted 24 to 15 in favour of a motion to  “develop a new International Causeway Airshow” to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with the possibility of holding the event every two years thereafter.

It is understood discussions are ongoing to move the location of the show to the A2 Coast Road, between Portrush and Portstewart.    

The considered move is due to the aircraft having to form their display further away from the public on the East Strand due to Civil Aviation Authority rules.

The new flight plan would allow the aircraft to fly closer to shore, giving spectators an opportunity for a WOW experience.

Airwaves Portrush was called off in February 2020 due to having its funding withdrawn as Council struggled with at the time, debts of £68.7m.

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