Alderman McKillop’s passion for Veterans’ Champion role

Alderman McKillop’s passion for Veterans’ Champion role

DUP Alderman Sharon McKillop is Causeway Coast and Glens Council’s new Veterans’ Champion, a role she feels very passionate about.

The Causeway DEA Councillor believes she has a ‘special understanding and a passion’ for the role and she is keen to speak to any veterans who may need assistance.

Alderman McKillop said: “I am very proud to take up the role of Veterans’ Champion and I will work hard to make a difference to the veterans living here in the Borough.

“I will be engaging with all of the organisations, the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Northern Ireland (RFCANI) and the Veterans’ Commission to work out some sort of strategy so that I will be as effective as I possibly can to help and improve the lives of veterans living in the Borough.

“There are many veterans living with a lot of issues and although there can be services put in place, once the funding runs out that can be taken away and the help is not consistent.

“I will try to engage with as many veterans who are not involved with organisations or associations and try to encourage them to get help.

“I’m here and available so if anyone is struggling, please get in touch with me and I will do my utmost to get them the help they need.

“I am the wife of a veteran and I am very passionate about this. I know there are many issues affecting veterans and I think I have the ability to have that personal touch and I have the understanding so I hope to use that to my advantage

“None of our veterans should be disadvantaged and I want to make a difference.”

Gillian Anderson

Local Democracy Reporter

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