Alpha Media increase cover price by 10p

Alpha Media increase cover price by 10p

Alpha Media has increased cover prices by 10p without prior warning to readers.

Declining advertising revenues and the rising price of newsprint have been blamed for other publishers decisions to increase their cover price.

Circulation revenues from newsstand sales and print advertising revenues have shrunk as a result, with news publishers forced to diversify to survive.

The boroughs circulation figures average between 7000 - 8000 per week ( based on the last 3 months).  Data verified from the Chronicle's advertisement department and Interpress.

In a response to a query made by a local business owner last month, weekly circulation figures provided by the Alpha Media Group advertising department based on the last 3 months were :

Coleraine - 3829
Ballymoney - 1518
Ballycastle - 978
Limavady - 903

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