B+ for Ballycastle Shared Education Campus

B+ for Ballycastle Shared Education Campus

Independent Councillor Padraig McShane has voiced his support for the Ballycastle School Campus project despite his reservations on the planning process.

The Councillor stated; "The two schools have operated side by side from the 1980's, sharing facilities and enhancing educational opportunity and achievement. The new campus is a natural progression of the efforts of staff and pupils going back over 40 years.

"The proposal, if it was to be marked as an assessment, would score a B+. Additional considerations around safety, design and process could have seen the proposal advance to an A*. "

Councillor McShane wanted to see the historical significance of the site reflected much more vividly. In addition, he wanted to see the travel plan ensure the safety of road users and in particular, the pupils of any new campus. The Councillor also highlighted the lack of input from HED on the setting of the project besides the listed Saint Patrick's and Saint Bridget's Church.

The Councillor concluded;

"This is a massive opportunity for Ballycastle. I wish the school community the very best with their project for the future."

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