Ballycastle : Respect Bottlenose Dolphins

Ballycastle : Respect Bottlenose Dolphins

Sinn Féin Councillor, Cara McShane, has appealed to people engaged in water sports activities and using the open sea, to respect the Bottlenose Dolphins which have become quite a spectacle in local waters.

Cllr Cara McShane was speaking after details emerged of a disturbing incident where dolphins were surrounded by Jet skis in waters between Ballycastle and Rathlin, leaving the dolphins nowhere to go.

Cllr Cara McShane said:“Reports of this incident are deeply disturbing. Bottlenose dolphins are in their natural habitat and we must be aware of the sea life around us and to exercise caution and be respectful.“

The dolphins are playful and social mammals. They are a beautiful spectacle but they should be enjoyed from a distance.

“We all need to be reminded that we are in their living space and to be aware of how our behaviours impact their survival.”

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