Ballycastle : Stowaway found in tour bus luggage compartment

Ballycastle : Stowaway found in tour bus luggage compartment

A stowaway has been found in a luggage compartment of a tour bus in Ballycastle.  

A social media post on Police Causeway Coast & Glens read:

Have you ever woken up and wondered where the heck you were?!

Well, today we dealt with one such instance, and this is how it went.  A lovely bunch of tourists had been touring the country and last night they stayed in Belfast.

Today they made the trip, in their tour bus, all the way to Ballycastle. As they parked up to disembark they could all hear a banging noise and what they thought was a voice.

To the drivers, tourists and onlooker's surprise, they opened a side storage panel to find a Stowaway!!  Unfortunately…or some may say, fortunately (as he got a free trip to Ballycastle)  a man was there.

This guy had went out for a ‘night on the town’ with his friends when he became a little tired and also extremely intoxicated. He sighted a tour bus, opened the hatch, and closed it behind him sitting and falling asleep on a box within.

To his surprise and the tourists' surprise he’d found himself no longer in Belfast but in Ballycastle!!  Thankfully this male was safe and well and was helped with gaining travel back to Belfast. However, it’s safe to say he’ll be in somebody’s bad books after missing the wedding he should’ve been at today….in Belfast!"

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