Barrier system introduced at Riverside Retail Park

Barrier system introduced at Riverside Retail Park

Local MLA Maurice Bradley has said he is pleased with the response to Anti-Social behaviour at Riverside Regional Centre and the measures put in place by the owners, Kelvin Properties and British Land.

Speaking to Cauesway Coast Community he said: “I would commend the efforts of the PSNI, local residents representatives and the owners in installing barriers at both entrances to the retail park.  In a response to ASB at Riverside Regional Centre in the evenings and into the early hours with nightly incidents and noise nuisance by groups of youths gathering, the local residents committee, elected representatives and PSNI have sought the assistance of the owners to try and mitigate the issue and there has been mounting pressure to source an early solution.

"All parties have agreed that the best and most cost-effective method would be the introduction of physical barriers to safeguard the public and property.  As a consequence, Kelvin Properties and British Land have installed a permanent barrier at both access/egress points of the park and also introduce bollards and associated signage to reinforce the prevention of vehicles entering the Park.  

"All parties have agreed that the gates will be best and safely managed manually, with gate closing at midnight and opening each morning to ensure that none of the business’ is impacted with deliveries or trade.  

"The opening/closing of the barriers are scheduled to commence on 2 November. I hope this will put an end to anti-social behaviour on the retail park, but more importantly, the noise nuisance generated by this type of behaviour."

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