Beach lifeguard service contract set to be renewed

Beach lifeguard service contract set to be renewed

Council officers are recommending that the Leisure and Development Committee next week approves a contract with the RNLI to provide beach lifeguarding services for a further five-year period from April 2022 through to March 2027.

In December 2015 Council approved an agreement between Causeway Coast & Glens Council and RNLI which is now come to an end for the following beaches:

  • Benone Strand
  • Downhill Strand
  • Castlerock
  • Portrush West
  • Portrush East
  • Whiterocks
  • Ballycastle

A report brought before Councillors next week also reads "At the request of Council Officers, RNLI is assessing the logistics of beach lifeguard provision at Ballycastle at Easter.

This will be dependent on the availability of qualified beach lifeguards at this stage of the year. There will be a cost to make this provision. In the past two years, beaches have seen increasing numbers of visitors and a wider range of activities both on and off the water, especially during the summer months.

The service provided by RNLI is invaluable in support of Council’s ongoing approach to beach management to ensure the public are able to enjoy a safe environment and have a quality experience. As the RNLI is the only known provider of this type of service, Elected Members are asked to give consideration to award on the basis of a Direct Award Contract."

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