Bradley calls for more investment by Northern Trust in Causeway Hospital

This is the scene at Causeway Hospital in Coleraine this morning with ambulances waiting to discharge patients to A&E.

In a statement in the last few minutes Maurice Bradley MLA said “The Northern Trust have two main hospitals in Coleraine and Antrim, but continually fail to invest properly in staff and services at the Causeway site. Whilst this is scene replicated across all Acute Hospitals in Northern Ireland, it is particularly bad at Antrim and Causeway.

“More bed space has been made available at Causeway since last week to try and cope with demand, but obviously its not making any significant difference. The staff are worked off their feet. It is my belief that any firm or organisation’s greatest asset is its staff, but unfortunately staff and staff needs are often overlooked.

“During seasonal pressures on health care, what impact does GP services also have on A&E? 

“As part of the current review into health care across Northern Ireland, now is the time to also review the role of the five health trusts. The management and administration of our hospitals also needs reviewed. Do we need five Health Trusts looking after the health care of a 1.8 million population?

“Such a review should be a matter of urgency” concluded Bradley.