Bradley launches renewed "kits for Zomba" appeal in association with Zomba Action Project

Bradley launches renewed "kits for Zomba" appeal in association with Zomba Action Project

Local MLA Maurice Bradley has renewed his appeal "Kits for Zomba" in association with the Zomba Action Project.

The appeal gathers football equipment and kits no longer needed from local clubs which are then sent to Zomba (Southern Malawi) where the Action Project officers distribute them on behalf of our local donors.

Bradley said: "I initially had the idea some years ago and was supported by local clubs and sports personalities.

The appeal was a success and many local clubs from youth to seniors from many different sports, not just football, contributed to the appeal and the children and young adults in Zomba benefited from the generosity of local clubs and individuals.

The positive outcome of the collection for sporting clubs in Zomba  cannot be quantified , and it is not just football. During a visit to Malawi in 2008, with Kieran Doherty, Deputy Executive Officer, Coleraine Borough Council, we were treated to an exhibition boxing tournament as well as a football tournament.

Wavell Moore, Chairperson of Zomba Action Project, warmly welcomed the latest appeal ." We are indebted to Maurice Bradley for his consistent commitment to the young people of Zomba over many years. But more important is the absolute joy it brings to the lives of so many young people in Zomba. A big thank-you also to the many clubs whose generosity towards folks they will never meet is a credit to them and they can be assured that they are changing lives in Zomba for the better"

Once we have sufficient equipment and kits gathered, the Zomba Action Project team package and ship to Zomba via container ship. The ZAP charity has a Management Board in Coleraine who work with a complementary Management Board  in Zomba to identify and supervise projects and implement the aims of the charity.

Any football club, or indeed any team sport, hockey, rugby, GAA, who have kits no longer of any use, boots, shinpads, boxing gloves, vests shorts etc., are welcome to donate. Recently I received a bag of youth football boots and assorted shorts and socks from Ken Fallis, Portrush Football Club, and a full kit donated by Stephen O'Hara, Laurel Hill Men's Shed to kick-start the appeal.

Kit or equipment can be left at the constituency office of Maurice Bradley MLA, Park Street, Coleraine; Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Offices, Portstewart Road, Coleraine, or can be collected by arrangement by contacting 028 7035 6990 or 078 3320 7015.

Clubs, individuals, officials donating are welcome to have their photograph taken making the donation, which can be supplied to their own individual social media pages.

The Zomba Action Project Fundraises in the Coleraine area and funds projects in Zomba (Southern Malawi) it is the aim of the centre to build community bridges between Coleraine and Zomba (Southern Malawi). This follows from an initiative taken by Coleraine Borough Council in 2002.

ZAP makes presentations and provides information to a wide range of schools, community bodies and public bodies about life in Zomba, tailoring the presentations to the interests of the different audiences. That engagement informs people about life in Zomba and illustrates what they can do to help address some of the difficulties that people face there.

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