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Coleraine Town ‘Not Connected’?

Coleraine’s public wi-fi which saw the largest uptake upon installation within Northern Ireland last year is currently ‘offline’. The service has been disabled for the last two weeks due to the ‘expiration of the license location’.

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community Councillor William McCandless said ‘In March 2018 on-street public Wi-Fi was introduced in Coleraine Town Centre.

This was heralded as a great asset to Coleraine which would enhance the town’s reputation as a great place to work, live and do business and was part of the Council’s overall strategy, spearheaded by our Coleraine Town Team, to capitalise on the people who visit every year for events such as North West 200 and SuperCupNI.

However, I had been contacted early last week by residents of the town to advise that the Wi-Fi was not operational. I felt it would be a temporary issue with the network however on receipt of further queries today it appears that the error is due to the fact that the ‘active user license’ has expired approximately two weeks ago.

Prior to print, I tried to contact one of our council officers to verify this but unfortunately he was otherwise engaged so have sent an email for the response. I have also tried to engage with Ready Radius who operates the license but their phone is currently off.

On introduction, this free service had been used around 4,000 times in the initial month and increased from that and was introduced to promote a positive visitor experience.

I will continue to pursue this with council officers to get clarification’

A council spokesperson said ‘Council’s Town Management has checked with the suppliers of the Coleraine On Street Wifi system and received confirmation that the system is operational and that the software licences are valid. The system is currently showing that members of the public are able to access the service and an engineer will be sent to the town centre to follow up on this fault report which was received today.

If anyone has a query or needs to report a fault with the On Street WiFi service in Coleraine please contact the Town & Village Management Team direct at 028 70347034 or email so that it can be rectified’.

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  • parking for visitors attending churches around the Metropole Corner I am told has been recently discussed. This must be secured to avoid very poor provision in former sporting years.

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