Councillor Baird Attends Dark Hedges Infrastructure Presentation

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community this morning Councillor Joan Baird said that she was pleased to attend a presentation yesterday evening where plans were presented to provide a new visitor experience at the iconic Dark Hedges.

The owner of the Hedges Hotel has now been granted Planning permission to create an underpass between his and the farmer’s field adjacent to the actual trees.

Councillor Baird said “The plan is that coaches and cars visiting the Dark Hedges will be encouraged to park at the hotel and take a conducted tour of the site.

The hotel owner has engaged a specialist PR company to help develop the concept and this should lead to a much safer and enjoyable visitor experience.

It will also help local people who use the adjoining roads go about their business without the current traffic congestion”.

Councillor Baird thanked the Roads Service for the new signage at the Fivey and Gracehill Roads. She is, however, meeting the Roads Service and Police today concerning poor signage at the Drones Road and to discuss the state of the road verges at the Ballykenver Road which she said resemble a “ploughed field”.

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