Our voice needs to be heard – Ballycastle Chamber of Commerce

Ballycastle’s voice needs to be heard.

In a social media statement, a spokesperson said “The Chamber have noted with concern the financial crisis in our local government. We note this situation needs careful thought and planning to find workable, suitable (and appropriate) solutions. The Chamber’s concern is that possible knee jerk reactions to crisis will cause undue pressure and unsustainable stress on the local business community in Ballycastle and the surrounding area.

Our business community is already dealing with a massive regional rate revaluation and looking at an even greater increase with the district rate.

Ballycastle has a unique mix of retail and family businesses which serve not only our local area, regional NI tourism and international tourism but also the island community of Rathlin. This means we have a challenging set of circumstances not directly experienced elsewhere.

We ask the council to stop any plans around proposed cuts and charges (such as Lammas Fair trading fees and car parking charges) in order to engage with us in a proper, bespoke process of planning, collaboration and consultation to find workable solutions for Ballycastle that benefit all the residents of the Causeway Coast and Glens.

We are reaching out to our representatives (local, regional and national), other community bodies and local service users to join us as we look to feed into a Causeway Coast and Glens area plan that will make sure Ballycastle, one of its main areas of commerce, not just survives but thrives in the long-term.”

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