Council tests live streaming meetings on YouTube

Council tests live streaming meetings on YouTube

Causeway Coast & Glens Council appears to be testing out the possibility of live streaming meetings.  

A new channel recently set up presumed for testing purposes called 'Causeway Coast & Glens ICT' has live-streamed the previous three meetings and it is currently live this evening for the Environmental Services Committee.

Members of the public currently need to request remote access by emailing Council the day prior to a meeting.

Last month the question of live streaming was raised by Councillor Darryl Wilson at the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee.

In recent months Council upgraded its video and audio equipment.

Responding, last month to Councillor Wilson, Patrick McColgan (Head of ICT) said that it was "a relatively straightforward move now to move to live streaming if members decide to move down that route."

Councillor Wilson requested that a report be brought back to this month's meeting on costings associated with live streaming.

Already many councils throughout Northern Ireland live stream their meetings on Youtube.

Update 22.00hrs - Councillors were made aware that the meeting was streamed publicly and the channel was removed minutes after the meeting concluded.

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