Causeway recruitment drive sends out positive message - MLA

Causeway recruitment drive sends out positive message - MLA

A recruitment drive by the Northern Trust sends out a positive message about Causeway Hospital, according to MLA Maurice Bradley.

Bradley, who has been critical of the Trust’s lack of investment in the Causeway Hospital in the past, says he is thrilled to see the Causeway Hospital being sold as a great place to work.

“It is my view that the focus is always on Antrim and Belfast, and we at Causeway are left out, but this latest drive highlights the fantastic work that is going on in Causeway and shines a light on how good it is to live and work on the North Coast.”

There are currently a number of Consultant roles available at the Newbridge Road site including Consultant Physician with interest in Respiratory Medicine, Consultant Physician with interest in Acute Care of the elderly and stroke, Consultant Physician with interest in Acute Medicine and Consultant Physician with an interest in Diabetes and Endocrinology.

“I have always championed the Causeway as an excellent hospital with wonderful staff.

“This media campaign highlights that the Northern Trust are looking at the Causeway Hospital in a positive light, those days of rumours and negativity are long gone.

“The Causeway Hospital is very important to this area – not just for the residents of Causeway Coast and Glens that it serves, but for the thousands of visitors that descend on our area throughout the year,” said Bradley.

“The hospital is a major employer in the area and we want to see it thriving. This latest social media campaign is encouraging and I am hopeful that the vacant positions will be filled in the very near future.”

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