CCGHT seeking to improve accessibility in the outdoors

CCGHT seeking to improve accessibility in the outdoors

An exciting new project being delivered by Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust (CCGHT) seeks to improve accessibility for those of all abilities across our outstanding local landscapes.

Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust (CCGHT), working with renowned accessibility consultants Direct Access, are entering the next phase of a wide-reaching accessibility project across Causeway Coast and Glens. Following months of consultation meetings with local people and after a public call for input, Direct Access have identified 9 locations to be assessed for accessibility improvements. Site audits will be conducted this week by Direct Access expert Steve Dering, who will assess locations and make recommendations of how they can be improved to better facilitate a variety of mobility and access needs for residents and visitors.

This work forms part of a larger project which has already seen CCGHT revise and improve internal working practices, and which has allowed a number of free CCGHT publications be translated into Sign Language and Audio Description formats; available on YouTube.

Nikki Maguire, CCGHT Project Manager said “After more than a year of lockdowns I appreciate accessing our special landscapes more than ever and I want to make sure they are accessible for as many people as possible. Having Direct Access carry out these audits and give clear advice will help us and others improve access for everyone.”

This weeks’ site audits will support landowners and site managers to improve accessibility across our landscapes. CCGHT will support at least one site to implement any improvements identified through funding secured from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (DAERA).

Oliver Mc Mullan, CCGBC Councillor and CCGHT Board Member commented: “The Glens are renowned for their beautiful scenery and I want to support people of all abilities to access and enjoy our special places. I support the audits being conducted at Waterfoot Beach and other locations in the Glens and hope the recommendations mean we can work with relevant partners and agencies to improve access here and across the area.”

Steve Dering of Direct Access said “Following months of online consultation with local people it is fantastic to be able to now carry-out these audits based on peoples input and put forward recommendations to improve access at each location. “

For more information on this project please visit or contact [email protected].

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