Coleraine loses bid for city status

Coleraine loses bid for city status

Coleraine, the site of the oldest known settlement on the island of Ireland, has been unsuccessful in its application for city status.

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council submitted the application last year as part of a UK-wide civic honours competition to mark HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year.

The competition to receive civic honours was last run ten years ago to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and this year for the first time ever the competition for city status was open to applications from the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, with the Falklands’ Stanley and Douglas of the Isle of Man among the winners.

Eight places won the royal honour this year ahead of the Jubilee weekend, the highest number of awards in a single competition:

·  Bangor, Northern Ireland

·  Colchester, England

·  Doncaster, England

·  Douglas, Isle of Man

·  Dunfermline, Scotland

·  Milton Keynes, England

·  Stanley, Falkland Islands

·  Wrexham, Wales

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis said:

“Bangor has a strong community focus and so much to offer, including its beautiful coastline, a thriving marina, and a resurgent cultural and arts sector that is drawing people from across Northern Ireland and beyond for events.

“I’m delighted that Bangor has secured city status, and this well-deserved honour will provide a further boost to tourism and to the economy, creating new opportunities for the community and recognition for the area.”

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