Coleraine : NI Water 'aware' of potential incident of misuse of sewer network

Coleraine : NI Water  'aware' of potential incident of misuse of sewer network

NI Water has confirmed that they have been made aware of a "potential incident of misuse of the sewer network" by a food establishment in the Coleraine Town Centre area.  

Pictures surrounding the alleged incident were widely shared on social media at the weekend.

Responding to a query submitted by Causeway Coast Community an NI Water spokesperson said that details are being passed on to the relevant agency to follow up.

David Harris, NI Water’s Wastewater Networks North East Area Manager appeals, "As fat, oil and grease cools, it solidifies, creating blockages in the sewerage system, which often result in raw sewage flooding businesses, streets, gardens and homes.  The effects of this can be devastating for you and also cause significant costs for your business to clear these blockages. We are appealing to businesses to not pour their FOG down the sink.

"It can be easy to assume it’s harmless to pour excess Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) down the sink; it can in fact cause major issues for NI Water with large blockages in the sewer line that could end up in your street."

"A simple way to dispose of FOG is to let it cool and solidify, and then scrape it into the rubbish bin."

Photograph - Stock Image

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