Bushmills Resort : Community consultation underway for proposed £57m first wellness hotel on Northern Ireland’s stunning North Coast

Bushmills Resort : Community consultation underway for proposed £57m first wellness hotel on Northern Ireland’s stunning North Coast

Pre-application community consultation is underway today, Thursday, March 31st for the proposed build of a £57m 4/5 star world class wellness resort for Bushmills, in a first for Northern Ireland.

The development, with major tourism and economic benefits for the area will include a 150 bedroom hotel, spa, pool and restaurant facilities with potential to create up to 350-full time jobs.

The hotel will be complemented by a range of modern eco-lodges to accommodate a diverse range of visitors.

The announcement follows a Pre-Application Notification (PAN) submitted to Causeway Coast and Glens Council last week.  Causeway Coast Community exclusively revealed the proposal.

The proposal, the developers say, could help to significantly address accommodation shortages in the area, attract more visitors and increase their length of stay. Currently, CC&G hotel beds account for only 2% of all overnight stays in NI, yet has over 40% of all visitors.

The location of the new Bushmills Resort, just outside the County Antrim village is planned on land at the existing site of Halliday’s Car Dealership, 206 Straid Road.

It is close to the popular Bushmills Whiskey Distillery (the oldest licensed in the world) and within easy reach of all other amenities and visitor attractions including the Giant’s Causeway; a UNESCO World Heritage Site; although sits outside sensitive areas.

If approved, it would be the first of its kind in Northern Ireland to cater for an increased interest in health and wellness tourism and is ideally situated to provide an escape for people seeking to regenerate their wellbeing, get active, relax and reconnect.

Globally, wellness travel accounts for 18% of total tourism with many seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Lexy Halliday, partner and developer said Bushmills Resort would rival some of the world’s best health and wellness destinations in terms of quality, sustainability and accessibility.

He said: “Our vision is built on a number of pillars. We want to maximise the potential of the site and location through the creation of a unique and diverse resort of appeal to domestic and international visitors. One that promotes health and wellness, not just for tourists but for the local community too.

“Our aim is encourage people to get out there and get active, walk, cycle, surf, swim, soak in the beauty and breathe the clean air; then return to an environment where wellness is integrated into the fabric and heart of our design. A seamless transition from outside to indoors.

“Individuals, couples and families will be able to enjoy luxury spa experiences, indoor and outdoor pools, courtyards, landscaped gardens and lodges in a variety of hilltop, lakeside and woodland settings.”

The consultations taking place today are part of Bushmills Resort’s broader Engagement Strategy to work openly and transparently with local stakeholders. The first consultation takes place between 9.30am and 2.30pm with a presentation at 1pm in the Bushmills Community Centre.

It is followed by a second consultation between 3pm and 5.30 pm with a presentation at 4pm at Halliday’s of Bushmills. There will be a further consultation on April 28th between 1pm and 5.30pm with a presentation at 4pm in the Arcadia, Portrush East Strand prior to the submission of an outline planning application.

The project team includes Holder Mathias Architects http://www.holdermathias.com/ and Planning and Regeneration experts, Carlin Planning Ltd https://carlinplanning.com/

Geoffrey Moffett

Written by Geoffrey Moffett

Content Creator for Causeway Coast Community.
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