Complaints as bins pile up behind Bertie Peacock memorial

Complaints as bins pile up behind Bertie Peacock memorial

A number of locals have vented their anger at how an area of photographic interest in the Queen Street of Coleraine area has essentially become a 'dumping ground.'

Over recent years, bins have been left scattered with rubbish overflowing on almost a daily basis behind an area where the iconic Bertie Peacock memorial sits.

It is understood the bins at times have obstructed the free passage along a road, especially during bad weather causing the concerns of a health and safety hazard.  

A business owner whose property leads onto Queen Street has also raised concerns over an increase of vermin in the area.   Speaking to Causeway Coast Community he says that he has been in contact multiple times with the local authority but they fail to 'act on any information that he provides regarding the illegal storage area.'

The statue of Bertie Peacock was unveiled in 2007 by former NI and Spurs goalkeeper Pat Jennings, who gained his first Northern Ireland cap under Peacock in 1964.

The bronze statue by artist Ross Wilson depicts Peacock, who died in July 2004 at the age of 75, wearing his international kit.

Unveiling the statue at the time, Jennings said that it was one of the biggest honours of his career.

A council spokesperson said “Planning permission has not been granted for a bin storage area in the vicinity of the Bertie Peacock statue at the junction of Queen Street/ The Diamond, Coleraine.  The Planning Department shall proceed to investigate the matter.”

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