Council receives 2,268 responses in first ever Citizen’s Survey

Council receives 2,268 responses in first ever Citizen’s Survey

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council launched its first-ever Citizens’ Survey towards the end of last year  'to help shape and improve its future service delivery.'

Every household in the Borough was invited to take part in the survey by the means of telephone, post, or online.  

The Citizen’s Survey opened on 24th November 2021 and closed on 7th January 2022 with only one lucky respondent in for the chance of winning a Causeway Coast and Glens Gift Card worth £100.  

An invitation leaflet to take part was delivered to every domestic address in the Borough.

A promotional video was developed and issued through Council’s social media channels with public analytics revealing that it had a mere 2.2K views with many of those views being as little as three seconds.  

Officials set an ambitious target of 2,000 responses, however in a report to Councillors this week they will hear how they exceeded their target and received 2,268 responses in total, with a completion rate of 82%.    

Citizens were asked to rate Council’s overall performance with a maximum score of 5 Stars.

The report reveals that 'Council achieved an overall score of 3.2 which demonstrates that Council is viewed in a positive light. Over 40% of respondents returned a satisfaction rate of 4 Stars or above.'

Refuse Collection was perceived as the most important service for citizens. It was also the Service area that scored most highly on questions around performance.

Early areas for improvement identified were around the perceived lack of services for young people and the low levels of engagement between Council and young people.  

870 respondents took the opportunity to provide further comments on any aspects of Councils performance. Council officials say that "this has provided an additional wealth of information and valuable qualitative data. The areas mentioned the most in the additional comments were Council facilities, recycling, litter, car parking, and swimming."

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