Council defer disposing of ‘Quigley’s Cottage’ valued at almost £100K

Council defer disposing  of ‘Quigley’s Cottage’ valued at almost £100K

It was recommended last week at the land and property sub-committee meeting that Council defer disposing of the asset ( Quigley's Cottage ) until the outcome of an application for a building preservation order and for the building to be listed is known.  

Causeway Coast Community understands that Quigley’s Cottage located off Magherbuoy Road in Portrush has been valued at almost £100K in its current condition in recent weeks.

During the meeting, the Chair stated that Members of the Land and Property Sub Committee had received communication stating that a local heritage group had initiated a request for a Building Preservation Notice and for the building to be listed.

The Chair confirmed when the communication was received and advised she would share it with the Asset Realisation Officer, who had stated he was not aware of this.

In response to questions the Asset Realisation Officer confirmed reasons for work completed on the building by Council and the position of Council regarding the sale of the property given the information shared by the Chair. During debate further consideration was given to the history of the building, potential interest and use of the building and the value of Sub Committee Members having a site visit.

Council's Environmental Services Department declared the asset surplus to requirements in March of this year.  

The unlisted building adjacent to Ballywillan Old Graveyard was last used as a store by the cemetery keeper.

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