Councillor Angela Mulholland responds to Extraordinary Audit report

Councillor Angela Mulholland responds to Extraordinary Audit report

Statement from Councillor Angela Mulholland :

"When I first came into Council in February 2018, I sat in the Chamber witnessing an Independent Councillor almost begging for emails to be responded too. I didn't know too much at the time about this Independent Councillor but suffice to say I felt in my inner being that what was being stated was the truth.

"I also remember being asked by another Councillor would I have backed them as quickly if they needed support , to which I replied of course if you were telling the truth, I would be backing you too.   This was never about politics with a big P or a small P, this was about bringing the truth into the light.

"At that time another Councillor who was a then party colleague was also up against it and I encouraged this Councillor to speak out as I had also no doubt that what was being stated was the truth. The evidence was there to prove it.

"In fact, being new to the Council environment,  I had no preconceptions or indeed favourites, but what I did have was a fresh pair of eyes and ears.

"This journey over the last few years has taught me to listen to your inner being initially but when it is also backed up with evidence you have to act on this immediately.  

"This has not been an easy journey and infact it is suffice to say that my role as a local Councillor has not been what I had envisaged. It has taken up alot of time and energy that could have been spent on the ground."

Concluding the statement said "However I would not change the stance I took to push for the truth and to support others to do so."

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