Councillor 'shocked and horrified' by discovery of dead animal and rubbish

Councillor 'shocked and horrified' by discovery of dead animal and rubbish

Sinn Féin Councillor, Cara McShane, has said she is shocked and horrified by the gruesome discovery of a dead animal and rubbish dumped overnight at Cabragh road, Bushmills.

AUDIO - Cara McShane

Cllr McShane was speaking after being contacted by constituents in the area early on Thursday morning.

Cllr Cara McShane said:

"This is a shocking discovery and I thank the people who made contact immediately.

"The dumping of animal remains is vile and has the potential to transmit diseases to other animals and humans.

"I have contacted Council's Director of Environmental Services, to instigate an investigation with the Department of Environment, Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

"The person or persons responsible must be brought to task over this.

"There are safe measures in place to dispose of fallen livestock primarily to protect people's health, with guidance easily accessible on DEARA's website for people who are unsure."

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