Councillor Wilson welcomes Coleraine rejuvenation projects at Christie Park & Shell Bridge

Councillor Wilson welcomes Coleraine rejuvenation projects at Christie Park & Shell Bridge

In recent months Councillor Darryl Wilson has been engaging with staff at The Hub, West Bann Development group as they drive forward new exciting rejuvenation projects in Coleraine.

Two youth-led projects will take place at the Subway which links Christie Park to Laurel Park, and at the Shell Bridge areas in Coleraine.

Brendan Patterson at Focus on Family secured Department for Communities funding for the initiative, then invited the Hub to ensure that the project is inclusive and cross-community.

Hub project leads Michelle McGarvey and Rebecca Culbertson have recruited over 50 young people from across the Coleraine area to participate. Both areas have been covered in graffiti over the years.

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community this evening, Councillor Wilson said "In recent weeks the Hub has facilitated sessions with local stakeholders, engaging with young people to plan painting projects at both areas.

"Not only will this brighten up these areas,  but it will also promote a sense of ownership and pride within the younger people who live in the community.

"I was delighted to get involved at an early stage and have arranged cleansing works at the area before painting can begin,  I have also sent a request to DFI for a much-needed lighting upgrade for the Subway.

"I would like to commend and thank all of the stakeholders involved, especially the young local people and their parents for getting involved and helping out in rejuvenating these areas."

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