Councillors to discuss 'withdrawal' of Braemar Farm Ice Cream trading license

Councillors to discuss 'withdrawal' of Braemar Farm Ice Cream trading license

Councillors will discuss the 'withdrawal' of a trading license attached to 'Braemar Ices' tomorrow evening at the Environmental Services Committee.

Braemar Ices, a family favorite on the promenade in Castlerock has been issued with an immediate license withdrawal notification by Council in relation to a breach in trading items outside of their license agreement, namely tea, coffee, and hot crepes.

Causeway Coast Community understands that the trader was issued with two warnings prior to the summer months of 2021 with a final warning issued on 19th November 2021.  

This year the trader is alleged to have traded items outside of their license agreement (2nd January 2022) resulting in the withdrawal.  

In response to a query submitted by us this morning regarding the license, a council spokesperson said "Council is unable to make any comment at this stage."

The matter will be raised under any other relevant business by Councillor Richard Holmes.

The item on the agenda reads :


I have been made aware of a street trader having their licence terminated on one of our pitches in Castlerock. What is the background to this termination? Why was it not brought before council for discussion?

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