Councillors vote to put Dunluce Centre back on market

Councillors vote to put Dunluce Centre back on market

Councillors on Tuesday evening voted in favour of not selling the site to the preferred bidder and instead go back to the market again.

The vote was in favour 18-17.

After the meeting Councillor Chris McCaw said "A very close vote 18-17 not to sell the Dunluce Centre to the preferred bidder and to put it back on the market. Pleased to be one of the 18!

"Many questions to be asked on the new sale process and valuation of the land. I also believe that no option should be off the table and that we should be exploring the idea of leasing rather than selling.

"Significant concerns have been raised about the potential lack of control Council would have on the site in the event of freehold sale."

As per normal Council procedures, all decisions are subject to the ‘call-in’ process.

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