County Antrim residents raise funds for 770 “Miracle” sight-saving operations

County Antrim residents raise funds for 770 “Miracle” sight-saving operations

Generous Country Antrim residents donated over £18,500 to international disability charity CBM’s Christmas Miracles campaign - enough to deliver more than 770 sight-restoring cataract operations in the world’s poorest places.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide, causing over half of all blindness globally. The condition can be easily treated with surgery costing as little as £24 – but many people living in poverty can’t access the treatment they need because of the cost.

Chief Executive for CBM UK, Kirsty Smith said:

“We’re incredibly grateful to all the wonderful people around County Antrim who have so generously given towards our Christmas Miracles appeal.  Every day, people in the world’s poorest places become needlessly blind because of conditions that can be easily treated, like cataracts. A sight-restoring operation can take just 15 minutes but can completely transform the life of someone who has been needlessly blind, it really is like a miracle.”

CBM set out to raise enough to fund 5,000 sight-saving operations through their Christmas Miracles appeal – in fact generous supporters from around the UK donated more than double the charity’s target, enough to fund over 10,000 sight-saving surgeries. The money raised from the appeal will go towards helping people access sight-saving treatment so they can go to school, read and write, get around safely and support themselves and their families.

CBM supporter Shirley Moore from Belfast was one of the generous County Antrim residents who contributed to the Christmas Miracles appeal. Shirley made festive wreaths with her friends and held a collection, raising over £250.

Case study:

6-year-old Adip has cataracts, but families like his – farmers in rural Nepal – could not afford sight-saving treatment. But thanks to supporters of CBM, Adip had cataract surgery at a CBM-supported hospital in Nepal, and can see again! “I am glad that my boy got surgery on time. We will send him to school after both of his eyes have healed properly. I thank the hospital and CBM for all the support. I am very grateful,” said Sudip’s father.

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