Drugs find in playpark

Drugs find in playpark

Glens Independent Councillor described a drugs paraphernalia find in a kids play park in Ballycastle as “obscene”.  

The discovery by parents accompanying their children to Quay Road play park in Ballycastle included used needles as well as other drug related items.

The Councillor thanked the parents for their vigilance while blasting the users who discarded their items in a play park.

He said "If users must shoot up, then the very least they could do is remove themselves and their related paraphernalia from the reach and the sight of young children. I can think of few places less appropriate for the use of illicit drugs than a child’s play park.

"The blatant disregard for others, especially children, is a profound act of selfishness. It is obscene to use this area for shooting up. If drug users must, then they need to ingest somewhere that will prevent harm to the general public.

"Custodial sentences should automatically follow the selling or the illicit  use of drugs in a children’s playground."

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