Dungiven man faces up to 40 years in United States jail

Dungiven man faces up to 40 years in United States jail

Shane Brolly (24) a joiner from Dungiven who admitted causing a crash that left a teenager with brain damage could spend up to 40 years behind bars in a US prison.

In March 2021, three other schoolgirls were injured in the car crash caused by Brolly. He had downed up to 22 drinks before getting behind the wheel of his pick-up track and causing an accident that left them all hospitalised with life changing injuries.

Brolly careened head-on into a car containing his four victims at 70 mph while attempting to overtake at Bridgetown Pike in Northampton.

Brolly was a resident of Philadelphia who was illegally living in the US on an expired work visa.

In court earlier this month Brolly pleaded guilty to numerous charges including five first-degree felonies carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years each.

He was remanded in custody at Bucks County Correctional Facility where it has since emerged he'll be sentenced in April.

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