Fancy being a volunteer at the North West 200 next year?

Fancy being a volunteer at the North West 200 next year?

The North West 200 is now seeking volunteers for 2022.  Race week will take place between the dates of - 8th - 14th May 2022.  

The organisation is supported by an 800 plus team of experienced volunteers every year.

Some work on an annual basis, others during race week itself, with many volunteers coming from other bodies such as St. John’s Ambulance, British Red Cross, and MCUI Marshals Association.

The role of the volunteer at the NW200 has also widened and the opportunities for anyone wishing to lend their skills as well as learn new ones have increased.

NW200 works closely with Volunteer Now, the University of Ulster and local groups to develop its volunteer structure and are seeking new volunteers to come on board and get involved with the event.

Click here to download the application form.

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