Mayor’s Meet and Greet with NW200 Riders

Vauxhall International North West 200, supported by Coleraine Borough Council provided supporters and sponsors of the event with an opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ the riders at the Titanic building, Belfast on 24th March, prior to race week which will run from 9th until 16th May.

Coleraine Borough Council’s Mayor, George Duddy travelled to Belfast with local councilors to promote of the world renowned race with the North West 200 and Vauxhall team. The Launch was ahead of the race week festival which will be held throughout the Borough of Coleraine.

Speaking to BBC’s Stephen Watson and Claire McCollum at the event, Mayor Duddy said, “Council has supported the event for a number of years, recognizing the contribution to tourism and the local economy, staff provide advice and guidance to ensure the event I promoted throughout the world.

Mayor Duddy continued, “This year, I will not be mayor when the event takes place due to the change-over in local government, there will be a new Mayor, but I look forward to watching the event from the sidelines and enjoying the experience.

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