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NI Water: Loss of Water Supply in Coleraine, Garvagh and Swatragh.

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NI Water have reported a loss of supply in the Coleraine, Garvagh and Swatragh areas.

Customers may experience a loss of water supply or a droop in pressure when the work is being carried out. They may also find the water is discoloured, this can occur when the water mains are disturbed, however running your tap for a while should help clear it up.

Chlorine levels in the water may temporarily higher than normal following repairs.

For further help or advice,  contact NI Water on 08457 440088.

Postcode areas potentially affected:

BT294LX, BT465RA, BT473AT, BT480BX, BT480BY, BT514EX, BT514EY, BT514EZ, BT514HA, BT514HP, BT514HR, BT514HS, BT514HT, BT514HU, BT514HW, BT514HX, BT514NP, BT514NR, BT514NS, BT514NT, BT514NU, BT514PP, BT514PQ, BT514PR, BT514PS, BT514PU, BT515AH, BT515AX, BT515AY, BT515AZ, BT515BB, BT515BD, BT515BE, BT515BF, BT515BG, BT515BH, BT515BJ, BT515BL, BT515BN, BT515BP, BT515BQ, BT515BS, BT515BT, BT515BU, BT515BW, BT515BX, BT515BY, BT515BZ, BT515DA, BT515DB, BT515DD, BT515DE, BT515DF, BT515DG, BT515DH, BT515DJ, BT515DL, BT515DN, BT515DQ, BT515DS, BT515DU, BT515DW, BT515DX, BT515DZ, BT515EA, BT515EB, BT515ED, BT515EE, BT515EF, BT515EG, BT515EH, BT515EJ, BT515EL, BT515EN, BT515EP, BT515EQ, BT515ER, BT515ES, BT515ET, BT515EU, BT515EW, BT515EY, BT515EZ, BT515FB, BT515HA, BT515HB, BT515HF, BT515HG, BT515HH, BT515HJ, BT515HN, BT515HQ, BT515HS, BT515HT, BT515JD, BT515NE, BT515NJ, BT515PF, BT515PG, BT515PJ, BT515PL, BT515PN, BT515PQ, BT515PW, BT521JE

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