Former Coleraine DUP Councillor announced as TUV candidate for West Tyrone

Former Coleraine DUP Councillor  announced as TUV candidate for West Tyrone

Two weeks ago TUV announced that Trevor Clarke will be the party’s West Tyrone candidate in May’s Assembly election.

Trevor, 48, is married with three children and was born and brought up in West Tyrone. He received his education at Edwards Primary School in Castlederg and Strabane Grammar School. Trevor is a graduate of the University of Ulster, and after starting his working life in Newtownstewart and Omagh, has spent his career in business and tourism.

He believes the next Assembly election will be pivotal for Northern Ireland.  Commenting on his decision to contest the Assembly election Mr Clarke said:

“I am delighted to have been selected as TUV’s candidate in West Tyrone for the forthcoming Assembly Election.

“I am standing for election as I understand and share the disillusionment many people feel towards the so-called ‘big two’ Unionist parties. I want the people of West Tyrone to have a credible alternative when choosing their next MLAs in what will be a pivotal election for Northern Ireland.

“The DUP’s delay in acting against the Northern Ireland Protocol, and the UUP’s fielding of a pro-Protocol candidate against the will of the party in West Tyrone, are amongst the many issues that demonstrate just how hopelessly out of touch the leaderships are with their grassroots.

“West Tyrone suffers greater economic disadvantage than many other parts of Northern Ireland. Roads, hospital waiting lists and mental health all need proper resourcing and fit-for-purpose strategies. Our farming community faces decimation at the hands of Assembly members who put ideology before reality.

“Anyone who knows me will testify I am passionate in my support for innocent victims of terrorism and have worked with many in the Derg Valley area to offer them a voice. I will continue to do so, and if elected I would use the platform afforded to me as an MLA to ensure their plight is heard at every opportunity. Access to justice must be for everyone, not a selected few.

“TUV is growing. More and more people are telling me they will be voting differently at the next election. If you want someone who you know will work with energy and passion on behalf of you and your family, who you can trust to speak up for West Tyrone and Northern Ireland’s place in the Union, I’m asking for your support and first preference vote on polling day. TUV’s ability to deliver change for the better is in your hands.”

TUV leader Jim Allister MLA said:“I would be delighted to see Trevor returned as TUV MLA for West Tyrone. His roots are in the constituency and he has an obvious enthusiasm for it. He is a strong and committed advocate for Northern Ireland’s place within the United Kingdom. If elected he will succeed in ensuring West Tyrone has a traditional unionist voice at Stormont, and that it is heard loud and clear.”

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