Future of gravediggers job role in question?

Future of gravediggers job role in question?

Causeway Coast Community understands that a proposal is currently under consideration by Senior Council Officers that the job role of 'gravedigger' should be made redundant and that the role could be effectively be carried out under a general term of 'operative'.

At the time of writing, the proposal is still under review and a recommendation has not been made. The matter would then have to be discussed at the Environmental Committee meeting followed by ratification by full Council members.

It is not yet known if other jobs roles/descriptions are involved in the consultation.

In response to a query made by us this afternoon a Council spokesperson said "As part of the Council’s process to harmonise terms and conditions of all its staff, a number of legacy job titles have been combined into a single Job Description.

"There is always going to be a role for gravediggers within the Council but the new Job Description allows for a more flexible workforce in the future. We continue to consult with the unions in respect of all these negotiations."

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