Gift Luxury, Gift Giants

Gift Luxury, Gift Giants

For a unique gift this Christmas, pre-order Giants Basalt Rock Gin now and your special someone will be among the first to receive a bottle of this limited release gin when it launches in May 2022. The recipient will receive an exclusively designed gift recognition card for Christmas which will include all the details of this unique gift.

With only 40,000 bottles released each year – one for each of the basalt rock columns of the Giant’s Causeway – this gift will ensure that they don’t miss out on a bottle this May.

Make sure you select ‘Gift for Christmas’ when purchasing the bottle on the Giant Basalt Rock Gin’s online store ( and enter your special someone’s name and address in the delivery details along with your personal gift message. This gifting is free of charge.

Order before December 18th to ensure they receive their gift recognition card in time for Christmas.

Giants Basalt Rock Gin was created and given a name inspired by the basalt rock that filters the water from the distillery’s own 600ft well.

Key botanicals selected from the coastal regions of Northern Ireland include Kombu Royale which gives a salty forward flavour followed by hints of mint, and sea buckthorn with a sour forward flavour and a slight fruity sweetness supporting flavour. The third key botanical is from further afield - Tailed peppers, or piper cubeba - which brings peppery spices and a slight bitterness. The addition of buckwheat harmonises the complex flavour profile of Giants Basalt Rock Gin whilst thickening the spirit to give a pleasant mellow mouthfeel. All these botanicals contribute to the complex, bold, three-dimensional flavour profile that’s carried by the high 50.1% ABV.

Secure your bottle of Giants Basalt Rock Gin now at

Giants Basalt Rock Gin pre-sale terms and conditions apply.

Instagram & Facebook link @giantsbasaltrockgin

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