GoFundMe – Coleraine businessman loses family in Turkey-Syria earthquake

A devastating earthquake that struck parts of Turkey and Syria, leaving a trail of destruction and loss of life could double from the current tally of 28,000.

Among those affected by the disaster is Coleraine businessman Ibrahim Urs, who has flown from Northern Ireland to rescue his family and other survivors.

Ibrahim owns the well-known Mr Kagan Barber Shop located on Kingsgate Street in Coleraine.

Ibrahim lost his sister, her husband and two nephews in the collapse of a building earlier this week.

The earthquake has caused immense damage, leaving many people homeless and without possessions. The affected communities need aid and assistance, as the government response has been inadequate.

Ibrahim is calling for donations to help the people of Antakya who have been severely affected. He said “Every little contribution, as small as 50p, will make a significant difference in providing the necessary supplies and essentials that these victims are in desperate need of. The funds raised will purchase necessities such as food and water.”

This tragedy has destroyed many people’s lives and left them with nothing. By donating, you can help Ibrahim and others deliver aid and support to those who have been overlooked.

Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.

To donate, click here.