Grave ‘not dug’ for family funeral

Grave ‘not dug’ for family funeral

A grave has allegedly not been dug for a family funeral by Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council this afternoon.

Shane Pearce tweeted a video of the incident and stated that a grave for his father-in-law’s funeral had not been dug by council staff.

A video shows a man addressing the crowd who said "The order was placed, the confirmation came back and the right information wasn’t passed onto the staff so what they’re saying is they will be here immediately to dig the grave but it’s going to be a couple of hours.

"So my suggestion to the family was to go and have your lunch at the Royal Court, it’s a carvery lunch at the Royal Court, by all means go and have your lunch with the family and return here for 4pm and we will have the committal then."

Causeway Coast & Glens Council has been contacted for comment.

Shane has since removed the video from social media with respect for the family.

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