Housing Executive celebrates Coleraine Community Champion

Housing Executive celebrates Coleraine Community Champion

As part of its ‘Good Neighbours make Great Neighbourhoods’ campaign, the Housing Executive thanked their tenant, Samantha Watt, for supporting Ballysally residents throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

During the summer, Housing Executive staff and members of its Housing Community Network nominated tenants who have made a difference in communities all over Northern Ireland. After receiving dozens of nominations, the housing body chose Samantha Watt as the ‘Good Neighbour’ for Coleraine.  

As a member of Building Ballysally Together, she has organised a range of schemes to support people living in her estate such as safeguarding training, an electricity voucher scheme, and providing Easter Packs for children.

After finding out that she had been selected to represent Coleraine, Samantha said:

“Being part of Building Ballysally Together provides me with opportunities to give back to people and make their lives easier. I’ve been involved in everything from our community café, to the food bank and gardening club; these have been all delivered by local people and I’m delighted that I’ve been able to help my neighbours turn their ideas into projects that benefit the community.

“I’ve grown up in Ballysally and I love living here as we all look out for each other. I do what I do because I love the people and it’s lovely to be recognised as someone who is a good neighbour.”

Mark Alexander, the Housing Executive’s Causeway Area Manager, explained why the Good Neighbours make Great Neighbourhoods campaign is important:

“Our estates are full of phenomenal people like Samantha, who make living in their community so special. This is why, as part of our 50th birthday celebrations, we are recognising them through this campaign.

“Samantha plays a vital role in Building Ballysally Together and throughout the pandemic she has been busy helping her neighbours. She is passionate about supporting local people and is always looking at ways to enhance the estate. I am delighted that I have been given the opportunity to thank her, on behalf everyone in the Housing Executive, for everything she has done to help the community of Ballysally.”

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