'Improvement' And 'Upgrade' required for Rugby Avenue Play Park

'Improvement' And 'Upgrade' required for Rugby Avenue Play Park

Coleraine Independent Councillor William McCandless has said that an improvement and upgrade is required for Rugby Avenue Play Park following reports of vandalism within the last few days.

The Councillor said that a review of Council's play park strategy is required ASAP.

In a statement to Causeway Coast Community, the Councillor said "Our play parks for children need to be safe, welcoming, attractive places for families to take their children to.

"Unfortunately many of them ( like Rugby Avenue ) are old, not pleasant or appealing, and occasionally suffer mindless vandalism.  Sadly vandalism has happened in the past few years to Rugby Avenue Park, Anderson’s Park, Millburn park, and Portstewart diversity park.

"Outdoor play is critical for children. It allows physical, social, emotional, imaginative, and cognitive development.  Television, computer games, and smartphones all capture a significant portion of children’s attention.

"Play encourages our children to engage with their surrounding environment and with others in their community, testing their boundaries and growing in the process.

"I have received numerous appeals from residents of Mountsandel over the past few years concerning the lack of facilities for their children.  Children’s play parks are an area that is undergoing a review under the "Play Strategy Report" but clearly the majority of them need a major overhaul, refreshed, and mainly safe for the children who use them. Clearly, time to get this reviewed ASAP.

"Thanks to the Estates staff of Council who are to remove this dangerous piece of play equipment today."

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