Jonathan Rea takes inside lane for motorcycle awareness event in Hydebank

Jonathan Rea takes inside lane for motorcycle awareness event in Hydebank

The inside lane had quite a different meaning for six-times World Superbike Champion Jonathan Rea as he visited Hydebank Wood College as part of a motorcycle awareness campaign.

The 35-year-old motorcycle racing king was there to help educate young people about the dangers associated with unskilled and illegal use of off-road motorcycles

The visit also gave Hydebank’s young offenders an opportunity to chat with Rea about his success and knock-backs during his career when he joined them in a workshop and afterwards gave a demonstration of his motorcycling skills.

During the six-week Motorcycle Awareness Programme the young people took part in a combination of classroom and practical workshop classes that teach motorcycle maintenance, safety and first-aid, as well as motorcycle riding skills.

Governor Richard Taylor said: “The whole idea of this programme in Hydebank is to divert young men away from crime around motorcycles. And to have a world champion motorcyclist like Jonathan Rea help us bring that message to them is just massive.

“He is a role model for all our young men who have an interest in motorcycling, and I firmly believe that those in our care will learn from his motorcycling knowledge and experiences and become people when they return to their communities.”

Jonathan Rea said: “It was good to visit Hydebank and speak with the many young men who have ended up in these unfortunate circumstances. Motorcycling is fantastic and enjoyed by so many, but it is important to know about the dangers, especially around off-road biking, so that it can be enjoyed safely.

“To see such a commitment to motorcycling safety here in Hydebank is commendable. These young people have been provided with a safe environment where they can learn how to ride while being educated in motorcycle safety in a positive way.”

WATCH:  Jonathan Rea visits Hydebank Wood College

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