Kiddieland seeking long term approval for panoramic viewing wheel

Kiddieland seeking long term approval for panoramic viewing wheel

Kiddieland Amusements situated on Castle Erin Road in Portrush is seeking long-term seasonal-based planning permission for a period of five consecutive years for the siting and operation of a panoramic viewing wheel.

The company Adcroft Amusements Limited has had the wheel sited at the location for the last three summers and is now into its fourth year.   The company says during that time it has somewhat become an 'iconic landmark on the West Strand landscape.'

Highlighted in a planning document, the company went on to state that over the last number of years the publicity it has received has been overwhelmingly positive with images of the wheel shared widely on social media platforms and in the past featured in international broadcasters news reports (often relating to the 2019 Open).

Adcroft Amusements Limited is now seeking long-term approval 2024 - 2028 in order to remove some of the uncertainty, financial outlay, and inconvenience of seeking shorter-term approvals.

The company states that this will show commitment to Portrush but still 'recognises the temporary nature of the proposal'.

The application will go before the planning committee later this year.

Picture Credit : Ken Cox

Geoffrey Moffett

Written by Geoffrey Moffett

Content Creator for Causeway Coast Community.
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