Leading seafood firm fined for false fish

Leading seafood firm fined for false fish

Article written by : Michael Kenwood - Local Democracy Reporter

A Belfast seafood firm which supplies some of Northern Ireland’s top restaurants has been given a hefty fine for falsely describing fish as cod and hake.

The operator of Keenan Seafood Ltd was fined over £1500 at Belfast Magistrates’ Court on (Tuesday 21 December) in relation to food safety offences.

The prosecution was taken by Belfast City Council against the leading fish firm following formal sampling of fish from Keenan Seafood Ltd Blackstaff Road, Belfast on November 6th last year when fish that was described as hake was found to be haddock.

Further sampling on February 16th this year found that fish described as smoked cod was in fact smoked pollock. A third offence related to inaccurate traceability records.

The court documents stated the company supplied food “not to the nature demanded”, “failed to ensure traceability of food placed by you on the market” and “failed to provide the accurate name for food for sale”.

The council confirmed to the court that conditions at the premises have subsequently improved to their satisfaction. The operator was also ordered to pay £88 in costs and an offender levy of £15.

Keenan Seafood Limited was founded in 1991, but the business is a third generation family enterprise, based in Belfast, which was initially established in 1942.

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