Levelling Up in Ballycastle

Dr Patricia O’Lynn, Alliance MLA for North Antrim, has welcomed the announcement of an £8.1 million investment in Ballycastle designed to promote health and wellbeing across the borough. The funding, which comes from the Levelling Up Fund, will allow the development of a new leisure centre in the town.

‘This is a welcome investment in a vibrant town,’ said Dr O’Lynn. ‘Between the new leisure centre and the Shared Campus project, which will see the expansion of integrated education in the town, the shape of Ballycastle is changing – all for the better.’

‘I look forward to seeing the project delivered in a timely and efficient fashion and will be working closely with council to ensure that the leisure centre meets the needs of locals, residents across the borough, and the thousands of people who visit Ballycastle each year. This is a project that must be built to last – a true legacy for the town.’