Local dancing stars to represent Team Northern Ireland at Dance World Cup

Local dancing stars to represent Team Northern Ireland at Dance World Cup

A team of twenty-seven girls has been chosen to represent Team Northern Ireland at the Dance World Cup finals this June.

The girls, aged between 8 and 18, are part of Victoria Lagan Dance and Drama in Coleraine.  They will compete in San Sebastian - Spain 24 June to 2 July 2022.

Some of the girls taking part in the competition 

A social media post on Victoria Lagan Dance and Drama read "Each year 20,000 dancers from 62 counties compete at their country’s qualifier for a coveted space to compete at the World Finals.  

"With each country having only 4 places available at the World Finals per age group and genre, Dance World Cup is considered as the Olympics of Dance, with 6000 of the best dancers around the world representing their country at the World Finals."

Naomi, mother to Darcie Mulholland who will be taking part in the competition said "We are beyond proud of all of the girls' achievements at qualifying for the Dance World Cup in Spain this year.  Darcie and her friends have excelled to be able to represent Northern Ireland at this prestigious event."

In due course, they will be looking for sponsors who are willing to donate big or small to their trip or even products or vouchers that can used for raffles.  

Keep an eye on their facebook page by clicking here.

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