Agencies prepare ahead of weather warning for rain

Multi-agency partners have met to discuss preparations underway following weather warnings for rain and wind over the next few days.

Given the recent wet weather, low lying ground is saturated and road flooding and local traffic disruption is possible, especially rural roads in the West. Trees may also topple at relatively lower gust speeds than would normally be the case.
Monitoring of water levels in Lough Erne and Lough Neagh has been ongoing and will continue in the coming days. The Department’s roads and rivers teams have also been checking and clearing road gullies and drainage grilles and staff will be on standby to respond with any impacts.

Regional Community Resilience Groups have also been advised of weather patterns and to make appropriate preparations.

It may be necessary to close roads or put temporary restrictions in place. Road users are reminded to adhere to road signs and any temporary traffic lights. If travelling, the public is reminded to reduce your speed, stay well behind the vehicle in front, remain focused and always wear your seatbelt. Traffic information can be found at:

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