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Alderman Alan Robinson has welcomed news of a Park & Ride scheme at Bellarena NIR Station

Translink Train
Translink Train

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community Alderman Alan Robinson said “Over recent months I have been working closely with senior local Translink managers to develop Bellarena NIR halt to its full potential. Having met with Translink this morning I am pleased to learn that a scheme is well advanced and that, at my request, the existing 134 service will be looked at to ensure bus connections at the station. I have also learned that a 180 space park and ride facility is being planned for the space available.

I have been approached by numerous people in Limavady who felt that the train was not a viable option for them unless they used a taxi to get to Bellarena which negated the use of their smart card.

Others had raised the issue of parking with me saying it was greatly lacking at Bellarena. I believe this was also an impediment to maximising Bellarena halt. After all the investment Translink put into Bellarena, and an opening by Her Majesty the Queen, it would be a shame if this facility was not use to full potential.

I want to thank Translink for embracing my initial enquiry and developing it into such a comprehensive manner. I believe this will be to the benefit of the entire community who should ensure they use they use the facilities when they are completed” said Ald Robinson.

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